Thursday, August 21, 2014

Christmas in July - Gilded Christmas Ornament

I am involved in my first blog hop with IndigoBlu. I was given some wonderful products to use in a mixed media project and it was fun working with something new. Of course, I had to have some kind of "metal" involved so I used the Merry Christmas stamp to make my gilded ornament out of solder.

I purchased blank card stock from the craft store that had a spot for a photograph to be slipped in. I cut out a piece of card stock the size of the window and covered it in green, brown and white distress paints. For the border I covered it in green distress paint and then went in with my distress ink pad and swiped it over the green very lightly to give it a slight woodgrain look.

I then used a piece of the Phat Foam to apply some FlitterGlu onto the Snowflake Lace rubber stamp. Once stamped, I sprinkled Mega-Flake in Lancashire Rose and wiped off with my hand (yes, you get nice and glittery during this process) and used the Scoochy sponge to polish it up a bit.

For the ornament I cut out a circle free-form out of 24 gauge copper sheet. I textured up the edges some with my hammer. Using a torch, I melted some lead free solder onto the copper. Once I had a nice flow approximately the size of the Merry Christmas Circle stamp, I let it cool for about 45 seconds and them gently set the stamp in the solder. I held it there for about 5 seconds and gently lifted it. It made such a beautiful, organic piece. I then oxidized it, buffed it up a bit and applied English Cottage Acrylic Paint in Miss MoneyPenny with a paint brush just in a few spots. While still damp, I used a paper towel to remove the excess paint. To hang it, I attached a jump ring and used a piece of Sari Fabric from my Opaque Silk Ribbon Bundle.

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