Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Conference in Vegas...

What a fabulous time in Vegas last week. I had my conference there with Arbonne International. It was my first time and I felt like such a country bumpkin by gawking at all the huge hotels - I cannot believe that just one takes up a city block! The conference was at the MGM, but we stayed in the cheap rooms across the street at Hooters, yes Hooters! I will definitely earn my room at MGM next year!!!

 I cannot believe how small this sign is! You can pretty much touch the bottom of it, 
it's that low to the ground

 Gail, I thought of you when I took this shot! 
We had lunch that afternoon at the outdoor cafe

Me and my girls having a Cosmo at the Cosmo - crystal chandeliers everywhere, it was beautiful!

This is the street corner Tupac got shot at - that's what Kathy's son said!

 This was inside the Bellagio - outside they had the dancing water show, 
I'm waiting for Meghan to post the video to FB to share

Again, Gail, thinking of how wonderful it will be for you to go back to Paris this June - this is the closest I've gotten - I have a feeling I will be going there soon though!

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