Monday, May 17, 2010

ARS Bowling Fundraiser

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at a fundraising bowling event out in Brookpark for my brother, Chris' foundation, Alternative Rehab Solutions. Lance and I didn't bowl, but Aiden had a blast. His poor little arms are going to be sore today. He wanted to bowl with a 12lb ball at the end cuz it was knocking down more pins. They had the bumpers up, so it was pretty funny to see the adults bowl who probably are terrible at it anyway. They had ramps down so people in wheelchairs could bowl too. They have a special get-up that looks kind of like a walker that you set the ball on and push it. The ball rolls down the ramp and down the lane.

ARS is scheduled to be open either this summer or fall. It will help rehab people that are paralyzed to help them possibly walk again. I think in the next couple years, Chris may be out of the wheelchair, even if it is with braces. I sure would love to see him walk again!

I love you Chris, I am so proud of you and what you are doing!!!!

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